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Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max Review After Two Week

Today We’re Going To Review The Iphone 12 Pro Max After Two Weeks. We Will Go Through Some Of The Highlights Of What I’ve Learned In Using The Phone In That Time.

First, I Want To Talk About Battery Life I’ve Heard A Lot Of People Complain That The Battery Life Isn’t As Good As The Iphone 11 Pro Max And While I Don’t Have That Particular Phone I Use The Iphone 11 All Year Last Year And That Battery Life Was Pretty Good And In Using Just About Every Iphone That There’s Ever Been I Can Say That The Iphone 12 Pro Max Battery Is For Real.

Iphone 12 pro Max Review
Iphone 12 pro Max Review

I Routinely Go Through A Full Two Days And Then Charge The Phone While I’m Working At My Desk Around Midday On The Third Day I Pushed The Phone The Hardest Uh Last Sunday I Had Six Hours Of Screen On Time And About Sixty Percent Of Battery Used In That Time.

I Think Maybe People Who Complain About The Battery Life On This Phone Maybe Don’t Think It Through Entirely Because Yes The Battery Might Be A Little Bit Smaller But The A14 Chip That’s In There Now Actually Brings More Efficiencies Than The Previous Chip And So It All Comes Out In The Wash It’s Probably The Best Battery Life That I’ve Had On An Iphone Um Maybe Any Phone So To Me The Battery Life Argument Is Moot.


Now Another Thing We Got To Talk About Size The Iphone 12 Pro Max Has A 6.7 Inch Screen The Biggest Screen Ever On An Iphone It Doesn’t Seem Like That Two-tenths Of An Inch Compared To What Was In Last Year’s Phone Would Make That Much Of A Difference But It Does The 6.7 Inches On The Iphone Is Different Than The 6.9 On Say The Note 20 Ultra The Note Is Taller And Thinner So It Doesn’t Really Feel As Big The Iphone Is Wider And That Width Really Makes The Difference For Me.

I Like To Read Using The Kindle App On My Phone And Using The Iphone 12 Pro Max Is The First Time That I’ve Really Felt More Like You Know It Was Kind Of Kindle Like I Mean The Screen Is Actually Bigger Than Most Kindles The Galaxy Fold 2 Was Great For That As Well But It Was Kind Of Awkward To Hold In One Hand And Awkward To Hold In Two Hands And It Just Really Was Kind Of An In-between Feeling To Me But The Iphone 12 Pro Max.

I Mean It Just It Sits Comfortably In My Hand It Feels More Ipaddy Than Anything Else There’s Another Aspect Of The Size We Should Talk About As Well And That’s The Weight The Weight Of The Iphone 12 Pro Max Has Been One Of The Biggest Discussion Points I’ve Heard Around The Interwebs Every Year With Every Phone There’s Always Something That Grabs People’s Attention And Then Everyone’s Talking About It And It Becomes The Thing That’s Wrong With The Phone.


I Don’t Know The Iphone 12 Pro Max Weighs 227 Grams I’m Not Saying That’s Not On The Heavy Side For A Phone But For Comparison’s Sake The Note 20 Ultra Is 208 Grams And The Fold 2 Weighs 282 Grams Yet I Don’t Recall Them Being Really Slagged For Their Weight.

I’m Not Picking On Samsung It’s Just That They’re Apple’s Closest Competitor In The Us So It Seems Appropriate To Use Them As A Comparison Point I Hear Folks Complaining About The Unbearable Weight The Phone Places On Their Little Pinkies They Hold The Phone For A Few Minutes And And The Weight Just It’s Almost So Much To To Break Off This Poor Little Digit Oh The Humanity Granted Not Everyone Has The Same Size Hands Not Everything Is As Comfortable To One Person As It Would Be To The Next And It’s It’s A Personal Thing But For Me In Having Used All Of The Iphones That I’ve Used Over The Years This One Feels The Best I Mean Is It A Heavy Phone.

Yeah I Have Average Sized Hands And I’m A Soft Old Man But The Weight Works For Me In Fact It Adds To The Feeling Of Solidity That The Phone Offers After Years Of Carrying Phones That Felt As Fragile As A Porcelain Teacup The Iphone 12 Pro Max Actually Feels Like You Could Knock Somebody Out If You Smack Them With It It’s A Comfort To Have A Solid Feeling Phone.


I’ve Dropped This Phone A Few Times Because I’m A Clumsy Person And Not A Scratch Nothing It In Fact I Don’t Even Have Like That Moment When I’ve Dropped This Phone So It’s Good To Have That Anxiety Taken Out Of My Life Yes The Screen Doesn’t Have A 120 Hertz Refresh Rate Okay Every Year There’s Something Some Feature That If You Don’t Have It Then The Phone Is Is Like Second Class And This Year It’s 120 Hertz It’s Been Bezels Everything Else Blah Blah Blah.
120 Hertz Refresh Rate Is Not A Sacrosanct Feature I Don’t Care The Screen Is Amazing I Don’t Think I’ve Seen A Better Looking Screen On Many Other Phones People Seem To Get All Up In Their Feelings About The 120 Hertz Refresh Rate Thing As If Somebody Had Pooped In Their Corn Flakes But It’s Not That Important It Doesn’t Make Or Break A Phone The Camera Is Also The Best Camera That I’ve Used On A Phone I Mean It Sounds Hyperbolic But No It Really Is I’m Not A Camera Nerd Or Anything Like That The Most Important Thing To Me About A Smartphone Camera Is Being Able To Pull It Out Of Your Pocket And Capture A Moment.

When You Need To Capture That Moment The Iphone 12 Pro Max Has Tons Of Amazing Features That Ninety Percent Of Everyone Who Has The Phone Will Never Use But If You Are One Of Those People Who Wants To Use Those Things They’re Very Rewarding You Can Capture Some Amazing Photos Night Mode Etc Etc But All The Specs In The World Don’t Matter If You Can’t Pull The Phone Out And Just Capture A Moment Right Away In A Snapshot And With The Iphone You Can Do All That Fancy Stuff And Get That Picture When You Need To Get It The Video On The Iphones Has Always Been Better Than The Video On Any Other Camera If Anything They’ve Widened The Gap This Year There Are All Kinds Of Specs Out There That I Could Rattle Off About 4k This And Hdr That And Blah Blah Blah That’s All Great But The Only Thing That Matters To The Average Person Is That This Is The Best Camera You Can Get For Video Period.


To Be Honest The First Two Weeks Of Using The Iphone 12 Pro Max My Experience Has Been Just About As Close To Perfect As I’ve Ever Had With The Phone It Does The Important Stuff Right And It Does It With Style It Has Features Out The Wazoo And Yet If You Never Use Them It Won’t Matter IOS 14 Has Brought A Lot Of Great Features To The Operating System And The A14 Chip Has Brought Speed Like Nobody Else Has Seen Going Back To The Squared Off Sides Harkening Back To The Good Old Days.

When The Iphone Design Had Gravitas Was The Right Move It Wasn’t Lazy I Can Honestly Think Of Any Complaint That I Have About This Phone That’s Worth Talking About I Know There Are Some Of You Out There Who Have Valid Complaints Of Your Own For Reasons That Are Totally Fine.
Comment And Tell Me What You Like , Don’t Like About The Iphone 12 Pro Max Tell Me Something Else Besides 120 Hertz That Is A Complaint You Have About The Iphone 12 Pro Max Or What You Like About It.



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