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Google Pixil 5 Review-Everything You Need To Know

Have Been Using The Google Pixil 5 Since Early September So This Is Long Term Google Pixil 5 Review Type Thing. Google pixel 5 buy online


The First Thing I Want To Talk About Is The Feel The Look And The Size. So From A Size Perspective This Has A Six Inch Display And A Whopping 85.9% Screen To Body Ratio Which Means You Get A Whole Lot Of Screen And The Footprint From The Outside Of That Doesn’t Get Much Larger Because Of How They’ve Got The Hole Punch In The Upper Left So You’re Getting A Lot Of Screen In A Relatively Small Footprint. Google pixel 5 camera

Google pixel 5 Review
Google pixel 5 Review

It’s Just A Little Bit Bigger Than The Pixel 4a It’s Younger Brother Or Sister I Suppose You Want To Say And It’s Actually Smaller Than The Google 4a 5g But Not By A Whole Lot This Comes With Gorilla Glass 6 On The Screen On The Outside And The Back When You Flip It Over It It’s Not Smooth. Google pixel 5 expected price in India
I Mean It’s Not Rough By Any Stretch Of The Imagination If You Think Way Back In The Day The Oneplus Original Kind Of Had That Sandstoney Type Feel The Pixel 5 It’s Not That Grippy Or Grainy But It Feels Like Some Sort Of Different Type. Google pixel 5g


I Had The Black Design With The All Murdered Out Version But Yeah I Mean It Has Like A Very Interesting Type Feel The One Thing I Probably Love The Most About It Is The Fact That I Could Comfortably Rock This With No Case At All And Feel Comfortable That It’s Not Going To Like Slip Off The Couch Or Anything Like That I Didn’t Think That It Was Like Overwhelmingly Like Slippery At All Definitely Compared To The Google Pixel 4a It Is Significantly Less Slippy I Suppose You Could Say. Google pixel 5 mobile

The Tried And True Fingerprint Scanner On The Back.Thank God Google Went Back To That Especially And Now The Times You Don’t Have Face Unlocked Or Projects Solely Or Anything Like That Which Honestly I’m Fine With Considering Everywhere I Go I Have To Wear A Mask I Now Have That Nice Fingerprint Scanner On The Back So I Love Having It Back.

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There It Works Nearly Flawlessly Every Single Time I Don’t Have To Worry About Like Oh It Doesn’t Say My Face Or Oh I Can’t Look No Nope Don’t Have To Worry About That At All Have My Finger On Left And Right Hand Programmed And It Works Flawlessly I Don’t Think They Should Ever Get Rid Of That That Is The Thing That I Absolutely Love Having Back Finally In My Google Pixel 5.


So The Feel The Look And The Size Is Great But What About The Performance In The Battery.Now That’s One Thing I Was A Little Bit Worried About With The Pixel 5 Is The Fact That It Now Comes With 5G. So From The Performance Perspective We’re Looking At A 765SD, 8 Gigs Of Ram 128 Gigs Of Storage From A Storage Capacity Perspective. Google pixel 5 us
It’s Got The Fast Charging At 18 Watts It’s Got Reverse Charging Which Means You Can Charge Your Pixel Buds On It Or Actually Another Phone If You Really Really Wanted To Or You Can Now Use Your Pixel Stand Or A Regular Qi Charger Because They Have Brought Back The Wireless Charging Inside The Pixel 5. Google pixil 5 vs iphone 12

And I Mentioned It Before I Was Concerned With The Battery Life Especially Since It Was A 5g And I Know That 5g Just Kind Of Sucks The Life Out Of Some Batteries But I’m Actually Happy To Report Some Of These Screen On Times.Phenomenal Screen On Times Because It Comes With A Massive 4080 Milliamp Hour Battery Which Is Incredible Given How Small The Device Is You Get Over A 4 000 Milliamp Hour Battery In Something That’s Just A Little Bit Bigger Than The 4a. Google pixel 5 youtube

So Again Significantly Smaller Footprint But Somehow They’ve Magically Figured Out How To Get The Battery Life To Where I Can Get Anywhere Between 5 And 7 Or 8 Hours Of Screen On Time And I Don’t Have To Worry At All About Battery Life That Was Even Getting Somewhere Around 10 15 20 Of The Battery Life Remaining On It.This Is An All-day Battery For Me And I Am A Power User I Don’t Like To Do The Whole I’m Just Going To Charge It Randomly On My Desk Because I Kind Of Have Battery Anxiety Issues But With The Pixel 5 I Don’t Worry About The Battery At All.

From A Performance Perspective It Now Has The Ability To Film 4k 60 Frames A Second And It Doesn’t Miss A Beat At All I Don’t Have To Worry At All About It Chugging Or Slowing Down Now That I’m Going To Talk About In The Camera And Video Section But From A Performance Perspective I Am Not Like A Gamer By Any Stretch The Imagination The 765 G Is Basically Like A 765 Overclocked A Little Bit When I Play Roblox With The Kids Or Anything Like That Never Have Any Issues At All.

The Battery Life Is Fine On It The Phone Doesn’t Get Like Overwhelmingly Hot Or Anything Like That So From A Performance Perspective It’s Fine For Me I Would Argue It’s Probably Fine For The Majority Of People Too You Can Play Things Like I Guess PubG Or Other Games Like That Fortnite.
I Suppose I’m Not A Gamer So Like I’m Not Up With The Lingo And Things Of That Nature I Mean You Saw It In The 4a 5g Commercial With KRAKEN Gaming He Was Able To Game On That Thing And It Really Didn’t Have Any Issues At All So From A Performance Perspective Definitely Not Worried At All When It Comes To The Pixel 5. Google pixel 5 youtube premium
I Talked About The Battery Life But There’s One Thing That I Failed To Mention And It’s Related To The Screen I Talked About The Gorilla Glass 6 That Comes With It But The Fact That It Now Has A 90 Hertz Refresh Rate Will Definitely Probably Minimize Some Of The Battery Life That You Could Be Getting And For The Most Part I Don’t Even Notice If I Have It On 60 Or 90 Hertz Refresh Rate I’m Not One Of Those That Gets Really Wound Up About That But Now This Screen Has The Ability To Do 90 Hertz Refresh Rate Now Is It Like A Note Where You’re Gonna Get 120 Nope Uh But For Me I Don’t Really Notice That Difference 90 Seems To Be The Happy Medium Between 60 And The 120 That Everybody Desires 90 I Can Keep It On Get A Nice Smooth Experience Without Overwhelmingly Taxing My Battery To Where It Just Goes Like Two Hours Of Screen On Time Or Anything Like That. Google pixel 5a release date


Now One Thing That They Talk About Is Having Stereo Speakers And I Was A Little Concerned Because Like How Are You Making Stereo Speakers When There’s Legitimately No Speaker Grill At The Top It’s Because They Put The Speaker Under The Glass And I Wasn’t Sure What To Expect Once I Discovered That The Fact Of The Matter Is It Actually Sounds Pretty Good So I Was Stunned At How Good It Sounded It Gets Exceptionally Loud Like Borderline Almost Too Loud Definitely Something That I Can Turn Music On Put It In My Pocket And Like Do The Dishes Or Something Like That And Be More Than Happy Enough To Hear The Tunes That Are Just Kind Of Flowing Out Of My Pants That’s A Weird Way To Put That So I’m Really Surprised That They’re Able To Get The Stereo Sound Out Of A Speaker That’s Underneath. Google Pixel buy india

The Glass I Don’t Know How They Did It But It Is Really Really Incredible Sounding It’s Not Like Tingy Or Tingy Or Anything Like That It Sounds Nice Full And Robust Now Is It Like A Google Home Or Anything Like That No It’s Still Speaker Out Of A Phone But It More Than Holds Its Own Compared To A Lot Of Other Phones At This Particular Price Point So You Buy A Pixel Again Mostly For The Cameras And Videos Which I’m Going To Get To But You Also Get These Nice Very Specific Pixel Type Things From A Software Experience Perspective You’re Getting The Nice Dictation Using Like The Recording App So You Can Really Use The Device To Capture A Lot Of Notes As You’re Going On The Fly The Live Transcription Again The Best In The Market In My Personal Opinion. Google pixil battery mah

When I’m Using The Google Assistant I Immediately Just Fire It Up And It Just Starts Recognizing My Voice But When I’m Using Other Android Devices They’re Just Not As Fast As The Google Pixel When It Comes To The Transcription Of My Voice Especially When I’m Using The Assistant The Software Experience On This Pixel Is Really About The Same What You Would Expect And For Me That Means It’s Top Notch.


Now Let’s Talk About The Favorite Thing From All Pixels As It Comes To Camera And Video They Have Made Substantial Improvements When It Comes To The Video And I’m Going To Talk About That Here In A Second But Let’s Talk About The Lenses Themselves That Come On The Phone They Finally Have The Ultra Wide On The Back It’s A 16 Megapixel F 2.2 Wide Angle Or Ultra Wide On The Back Teamed Up With The 12.2 Megapixel F 1.7 Wide Angle. Google pixel 5 expected price
So They Have A Nice Wide Field Of View For Those On The Back Finally Got Rid Of The Whole Telephoto Thing That Everybody Hated Although I Liked It On The Back Of The Other Previous Generations Of Pixels Now On The Front Selfie Camera They Have An 8 Megapixel Or Mega Pickle F 2.0 Wide Angle When It Comes To This Particular One And You Can See In Some Of These Shots That I’m Showing On Screen When It Comes To The Camera Portrait Mode Is Still King You Get Great Dynamic Range Super Crispy Contrast I Absolutely Love The Photos That Come Out Of The Pixel 5.
They Continue To Be Number One In My Opinion When It Comes To Computational Photography They Don’t Have To Beat You With Quad Cameras Out There Because They Can Just Beat You With Two Cameras Thus Keeping The Price Low And Running It Through Their Computational Photography Algorithm To Give You Really Incredible Results Google Has Taken The Camera App Very Seriously And You Can See That With The Incredible Enhancements That They Have With.

I Want To Talk About Video They Finally Have 4k 60 Fps Or 60 Frames Per Second And Let Me Show You One Of The Clips Here But Take A Look At That 4k 60 Frames A Second Stabilization Out Of The Freaking Pixel 5.If You Look At The Shouting Trees Compare Like Again I’m Walking Like I’m A Fairly Big Guy So I Walk Heavy Footed But When You Look At The Trees They Are Barely Moving I Don’t Know What Witchcraft They’re Using From A Stabilization Perspective But That’s Just Smooth.

The Pixel 5 Is I Have No Idea How They Get The Stabilization The Way That They Do Because I Was Literally Just Using A Switch Pod And Holding It Walking Like This Now Granted I Had My Elbow Kind Of Like Tucked To My Side To Make Sure That I Wasn’t Like But The Point Is I Don’t Know How They Get The Stabilization That Good But It Is Arguably So Ridiculously Good It Can Only Be Explained By Magic They’ve Made A Ton Of Enhancements When It Comes To Cinematic Flow And Then Active Usage Where That Gets The Stabilization Under Control And Zoomed In And Again All Of These Things That You Can See On Screen With What The Video Aspect Has In Place. 

But Google Finally Has Taken The Time To Say Yeah The Video Really Really Needed To Get A Lot Better And It Got Tremendously Better I Said That The Pixel 4 Made Huge Strides In Terms Of The Gap Between The 4 And Now The 4a And Now I Think They’ve Even Closed Even More Of That Gap Between The 4a And The 5 And That 4a Hasn’t Been Out Very Long Compared To When The Pixel 5 Is Coming Out I Think The Video Has Gotten Better Dynamic Range They Now Have Audio Zooming To Where I Don’t Have To Worry About Using An External Microphone At All.

They Now Have That Cinematic Mode To Where If You Want To Get Crispy Creamy B-roll They Have It Baked Right In To The Google Camera App Itself I Don’t Have To Have A Filmic Pro I Don’t Have To Have A Third-party Camera App Because I Can Just Use The App That Google Made Specifically For The Pixel. Google pixel 5g phone

So You’re Gonna Get Nice Battery Life A 6 Inch Footprint 5g Great Cameras When It Comes To Point And Shoot Literally Still The Portrait King And Video That Is Pretty Darn Good It’s Significantly Better Than A Lot Of The Video In The Previous Versions Of Pixel You Can See Google Has Really Doubled Down On The Fact That They Wanted To Make Their Video Better Because They Already Knew That The Camera Point And Shoot Was Really Really Top-notch. Google pixel 5 just black
You’re Getting Some Flagship Level Experiences For A 700 Dollar Price Point The Pixel 5 Is 699, 8 Gigs Of Ram 128 Gigs Of Storage 700 Bucks Rumored To Get The Iphone At Roughly 100 Same 128 Gig 6.1 Inch If You Get The Pro Or You Don’t Even Get The Pro You’re Still Spending Several Hundred Dollars More For An Iphone Whereas If You Get The 700 Pixel You Could Pocket Some Of That Cash You’re Getting A Great Overall Experience I Love The Pixel 5.

It Is A Phenomenal Device It Actually Got Even Better Than The 4a And I Did Not Think That Was Going To Be Possible Because The 4a Is Just Such A Great Device But Somehow Magically Google Figured Out A Way To Hold Just Enough Back That Made The Pixel 5 That Much Freaking Awesome I Don’t Know How Google Did It Because I Thought They Just Had A Slam Dunk Home Run When It Comes To The 4a And I Still Think That They Do Because That’s A 350 Phone But Now You’re Looking At The Pixel 5.


The Pixel 5 Is 700 Dollars It’s Double The Price But Man They Have Gotten Some Things Really Right When It Comes To The Pixel 5.There Is A Lot To Love In Such A 700 Footprint It Is One Of The Mid Price Kings At 700.


In My Personal Opinion Probably The Top Two Devices That I Can Think Of Right Now At 700 Bucks Is The Pixel 5 And The Samsung S20 Fe Those Two Devices For Me Are Probably The First Two That I’d Recommend And Of Course Naturally I’m Going To Recommend The Pixel 5.



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