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Iphone 13 : Apple Iphone 13 Leaks And Rumors

Welcome Back To Another Article Of  Mobile Phone Leaks.This Time The Iphone 13 Pro Leaks  And Yeah It’s A Little Early The 12 Was Just Released. 

But We Still Have A Pretty Good Idea Planning Stage Of What Apple’s Got In Store For The Iphone 13 Pro So I Wanted To Collect All Of That And Some More Recent News In This Article. Iphone 13 apple


Iphone 13 battery mah

Of Course Part Of The Fun Is Uncovering All The Clues And We Had A Pretty Good Idea About The 12 Pro Before It Launched Actually Came Very Close. Iphone 13 cost

Alright So At This Point Apple Is Still In The Planning Stage But There Are Quite A Bit Of Rumors Now From Makatakara Originally I  Saw Their First Hands-on With Apparently A Mock-up Of The Iphone 13. Iphone 13 design 


In Mock-Up Of Iphone 13 It That Had A 5.5 Inch Same Size As The 5.4 But They Say The Screen Is Growing By Just 0.1 Inches Thanks Probably Bezel Reductions. Iphone 13 expected price

On The Back A Wacky Camera Who Knows What That’ll End Up Looking Like And Actually Makatakara Was The First To Leak The Iphone 13 Lineup Back In January Of 2019 So That’s The Only Thing That Makes Me Think That This Iphone 13 Article Is Somewhat Legitimate. Iphone 13 fold


They Say It Has USB C.Doesn’t Make Sense As Apparently Apple Will Be Removing The Lightning Port From One Of The Models In The Iphone 13 Lineup The Highest And Model The 13 Pro Max. 

According To Ming Chi Quo In This Square Camera Layout You’re Seeing Pure Speculation Just Wanted You To Be Aware Of That We Don’t Know What It Will Look Like. But Apparently That Camera Layout Was Leaked Earlier From An IOS 14 Internal Build Doubtful It’s A Real Thing Though. 


Iphone 13 HD wallpaper

An Exclusive From Max Weinbeck He Says That The First Prototype Of The Iphone 13 Model Was Completed On November 1st And From There Apple Will Break Down The Parts Into Teams And They’ll Get To Work And He Gives An Example The First Prototype Of The Iphone 11 Pro Actually Had A Lighter Sensor In It Which Explains Why The Early Cads Had The Same Mic Placement As The 12 Pro Series Very Interesting. Iphone 13 images


We Also Saw From Ice Universe A Leaked Notch Design I Know Not Very Descriptive But Essentially Saying That It’s Going To Be Less Tall So A Shorter Notch Not Necessarily Less Wide But Not As Obscuring Your Display Downwards. Iphone 13 kab launch hoga

Display Analyst Ross Young Confirms That The Overall Lineup Will Be The Same Sizing Same Displays Same Overall Dimensions On The Phone. 


The Biggest Change Coming To The Iphone 13 Pro Series And This Is For The More Exclusive Models The Pro And Pro Max Will Be A 120 Hertz Ltpo Display Which Enables An Always On Feature Like On The Apple Watch So This Necessary Component Is The Reason Why We Didn’t Get It On The 12 Pro Series?. Iphone 13 news

According To John Prosser We Were Very Very Close To Greatness It Just Didn’t Happen In Time But That’s What To Look Forward To On The 13 Pro. Iphone 13 official


I Think Most Of All And Ross Young Also Expects The 13 And 13 Mini To Adopt The Larger Camera Pixel Sizes From The 12 Pro Max Which Is 1.7 Micrometers On The Base 13 And 13 Mini So The 13 Pro And 13 Pro Max Are Slated To Get Even Bigger Camera Sensors With 1.9 Micrometers Making It Even Better In Low Light Following Up. 


Iphone 13 specifications

These Camera Changes Ming Chi Quo Released A Report Detailing Three Important Changes Coming To The 13 Pro Max Cameras Or 13 Pro As Well They’re Actually Going To Be Very Similar Number. Iphone 13 pro Max price

One Improvement Is That The Ultra Wide Will Be Gaining An Even Larger Aperture Going From 2.4 To 1.8 Making Low Light Even Better Along With The Larger Pixel Sizes. Iphone 13 pro apple

Ming Chi Quo Also Reports That The Ultra Wide On The Pro Models Will Gain A Six Piece Element Lens Currently Five On The Ultra Wide And Will Be Gaining Autofocus For The First Time Ever On The Ultra Wide. Iphone 13 pro details


Now The Entire Iphone 12 Lineup Got Smaller Batteries Now Ming Chi Quo Is Reporting That The Iphone 13 Lineup Will Take It Even Further With Even Smaller Batteries Thanks To A New Technology Called Softboard Batteries. 

Softboard Batteries Have Fewer Layers Allowing For More Battery Density In A Smaller Frame So Smaller Batteries More Room For Other Improvements On The Inside But Not Necessarily Any Worse Battery Life. Iphone 13 pro features

According To The Elec, Apple Is Gearing Up To Use Ltpo Displays Which Will Make The Variable Refresh Rate Possible On The Iphone 13 Lineup And As A Result The Displays Will Be Between 5 To 20% More Efficient And In That Same Report The Elec Is Claiming That Only Two Of The Iphone 13 Lineup Models Will Get The Variable Refresh Rate 120 Hertz Displays Meaning That The 13 Mini And 13 Are Out Of Luck, It Will Be A Pro Exclusive. Iphone 13 pro expected price in India 


Earlier More, Far Out News From Ming Chi Quo He Said That At Least One Model In 2021 Would Have In Screen Touch Id Doesn’t Sound Very Likely We Haven’t Heard Anything On It But He Said In Addition To Face ID, Touch ID Would Be Present That Would Be A Dream But I Will Keep You Updated There’s Still Time Currently The Iphone 12 Lineup Uses Qualcomm’s X55 5g Modems. 

The X60 Is To Be Used In The Iphone 13 Lineup Even More Efficient In A Smaller Form Factor In Powering The Iphone 13s. Iphone 13 pro release date 


The Apple A15 Is Set To Be A Five Nanometer Plus Refined Architecture Version Of The Apple A14 So Even More Efficiency And Performance Improvements And Trendforce Also Believes That Apple Is On Track To Include A Four Nanometer Processor The Apple A16 In 2022 Just Nuts Eventually They Will Get To Three Nanometers And Tsmc Just Confirmed That They Are Able To Get That Working On Desktop Processors So It Seems It Will Be Viable For Future Smartphones As Well. Ios 13 

There’s Only So Much We Can Do Until Eventually We Get To Quantum Processing I Don’t Know If We’ll Reach That In My Lifetime But That Would Be Something To Have In A Mobile Device. 


According To Et News Apple Is Still Working On Bringing Periscope Zoom To The Iphone In 2022 This Would Enable Up To 10 Times Optical Zoom Over The 2.5 Times On The Iphone 12 Pro Max. 

The Problem They’re Having Is Patent Disputes With Samsung So They’re Probably Going To Have License This Technology And More Recently There’s Been Even More Confirmation From Digitimes Saying Yes Apple Is Working On Bringing Periscope Zoom To The Iphone Likely Will Be Made By Samsung And Earlier Ming Chi Quo Did Predict That Periscope Zoom Would Be Coming To The Iphone In 2022 So Still Looking Good There. 


Surprisingly The Airpods 3 Design Has Leaked Mostly Unnoticed But 52 Audio Has Shared A Part Leak The Casing And The Actual Stems For Airpods 3 They’re More Rounded These Are Basically Pros Without The Noise Cancellation So No Replaceable Tips Here Look Very Fun Bubbly And This Is Most Likely The Real Deal As Ming Chi Kuo Has Been Reporting Airpods 3 Will Be Coming Early 2021. 

Originally Airpods Pro Also Leaked Via Parts Leak So It’s Very Likely This Is Legitimate And Also In A New Bloomberg Report Mark German Claims That New Airpods Are Coming Likely In Airpods 3 Refresh Airpods Pro 2 Are Being Worked On With A More Rounded Design And It’s Possible That A Low End Variant Of Airpods Will Also Be Released For 159 Dollars All Of These Coming Early 2021. 

Way Long Ago Twitter Leaker Fudge Shared An Image Of The Sleeve Or The Carrying Sleeve For Air Tags Actually Looks Very In Line With Some Patent Submissions By Apple And According To John Prosser’s Leak Very In Line The Metal Part Could Stick Out Of The Leather Sleeve Looks Really Good Cannot Wait To Get These. 

A Leak Picked Up By Mac Rumors An Internal Applecare Memo Details That Apple Was Slated To Release A New Product On Tuesday December 8th Could This Be Air Tags It Does Seem Like It’s The Most Likely Product To Be Released Next. 

According To Economic Daily News Work Continues On The Folding Iphone Apple Has Sent Over Their Folding Prototype To Foxconn Been Tested Over A Hundred Thousand Times Opening And Closing And I Just Good To Know That That Future Is Coming. 

Can’t Wait To See Apple’s Take Unfolding And The Verifier Reports That IOS 15 Will Drop Support For The Iphone 6s 6s Plus And The Iphone Se Models Those Have Stuck Around Since 2015. 

Frankly Incredible They’ve Got Support This Long But Time For Them To Go And Verifier Did Accurately Predict Ios 14 Devices. 

Okay Guys There It Is What We Know Now About The Iphone 13 I Mean It’s Still Super Early Things Are Subject To Change And That’s The Beauty Of It Lots Of Fun For People Like Me That Obsess Over It 

Anyways Thanks For Reading This Article. 


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