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Ludo Movie Review : Ludo Movie 2020

This Article Is About Ludo Movie Review.This Movie Has Literally Everything In It.

Seriously Folks If You’re Wondering Whether Or Not This Movie Is For You I Can Guarantee That At Least A Portion Of It Is For You.ludo film
Ludo Movie Review

It Literally Doesn’t Matter Who You Are, How Old You Are, Where You’re From. Just There Is Something In This For Everybody Because It Has Literally All The Things Seriously.ludo Movie actress

We’re Talking About A Film And I Hesitate To Call It A Film Because It’s One Of The The Greatest Travesties I’ve Ever Seen And It’s Called Ludo And When I Say Travesty I Mean That In A Good Way And This Movie.It’s A Tough One For Me To Talk About Because Just So Much Happens So Many Things Are Happening To So Many Different People At So Many Different Times It’s A Little Hard To Keep Track Off.ludo Movie Budget

But There’s Never A Shortage Of Things Going On So If You Want Your Brain To Be Obscenely Over Stimulated For At Least Like Two And A Half Hours Maybe This Movie Might Be Right Up Your Alley The Basic Plot Of The Movie Is That There Is No Plot There Is A Series Of Subplots That Kind Of Co-mingle Together And That’s The Best Explanation I Can Give You.ludo film forged

I Can Kind Of Confirm The Genre Though It Is Kind Of A Crime Mafia Heist Film But There’s Like Kind Of Romantic Drama Stuff In There Too That’s That’s As Close As I Can Get Like Literally So Many Different Things Are Going On.ludo film defined

The Movie Starts Off With An Assassination Of A Dude In A Bathtub And Then It Cuts To This Dude Who Works At A Retail Store The Kit Continuously Gets Slapped In The Face By His Boss And Simultaneously There’s This Little Girl Who Kinda Sorta Pretends To Be Kidnapped Because Her Parents Are Bugging Her And Then There’s Nurse Lady Who Doesn’t Fully Speak The Language And She Gets Ridiculed All The Time And Then On Top Of That There Is A Voice Actor Who Has A Sex Tape Out And He Finds Out The Chick In The Tape Is Getting Married Soon So He Tries To Warn Her About It.ludo film heroine title

Then On Top Of That During The Assassination Scene In The Beginning One Of The Guys That Was There Is The Husband Of A Lady Who He’s Like Having An Affair On And Just So Many Things Are Going On But You Know What It Kept My Attention It Was This Is A Good Movie Actually Scratch That This Is A Very Good Movie Despite The Fact That There Are So Many Different Things Going On It’s Like A Giant Grandfather Clock Of Stories And Yet Somehow Despite All These Different Things Going On The End Of The Movie Rounded Up Everything Oh So Perfectly Or Maybe Not Even Perfect But Just In Such An Enjoyable Fashion That I Was Wildly Satisfied By The Time This Movie Was Over.ludo film child forged 

Also For The Record This Is An Indian Film And This Is One Of The Rare Occasions Where I Choose The Dubbed Version Of The Movie Over The Subtitle Version And That’s Because The Movie Was So Obliviously Fast Paced For The First 45 Minutes That I Couldn’t Read And Watch At The Same Time It Was Just Impossible If I Were To Compare It To Other Movies This Is Just A Giant Combination Of Snatch Of Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels The Princess Bride.ludo film poster

I Think The Only Genre That’s Not Covered In This Film Is Probably Science Fiction But At The Same Time So Many Wild Wacky Unrealistic Things Are All Co-minglingly Happening At The Same Time That It Might As Well Be A Science Fiction Film In And Of Itself And I’ll Be Honest I Don’t Typically I Do Watch A Lot Of Foreign Films But I Don’t Like Cling To A Specific Country Or Anything Like That So I Haven’t Seen A Whole Lot Of Indian Movies In My Time But This Is By Far My Favorite And It’s Because There’s Just So Much Packed Into It.

Really The Best Thing About This Movie For Sure Has To Be The Editing Because For A Movie That’s Almost Two And A Half Hours Long And It’s Also A Story That’s Told Way Out Of Sequence The Way That It Made It Still Cohesive Somehow Is Just It’s A Shock To Me Because There’s 11 To 12 Different Story Lines Going On And Somehow I Was Able To Like Understand Exactly Like Who Was Who And Who Was Doing What And It’s Partly Because The Movie Is Also Very Animated And I Don’t Know If That’s Very Typical Of Indian Films Or Bollywood Films Whatever The Appropriate Term Is But Either Way That Type Of Acting That Type Of Overacting Was Very Very Eye-catching And That Definitely Played A Part In My Ability To Like Pay Attention To Everything That Was Going On And The Movie Was Funny Uh The Music Was Pretty Good.ludo film free 

For The Most Part There Was Some Heartfelt Romance Scenes Oh And I Forgot There’s A Guy Who Was Recently Released From Prison And The Little Girl Who’s Pretending To Be Kidnapped Is Like He It Reminds Her Of His Daughter So That’s Like A Whole Other Wholesome Thing That Was Added To It And With All The Hijinks And All The Running Jokes And All The Other Stuff.ludo film full

It’s Just This Movie’s Awesome And By The End Of The Movie I Was Just Laughing At How Insanely Like Stimulated My Brain Was It’s Kind Of Like How I Felt After I Got Done Watching The Wolf Of Wall Street Just So Many Things Happen And It Just Does Not Stop It’s Good It’s Bad It’s Ugly It’s Beautiful It’s It’s Sincere It’s Insincere. 

Sometimes It’s Just It’s A Little Bit Of Everything And Although It May Not Be Perfect  It Was A Wild Ride You Guys So  I’m Gonna Go Pretty High For As Far As A Score. 


Overall Out Of 10 I Think I’m Going To Give This Movie A 9.1 Ratings. 

I Can’t Guarantee If I Watch It Again I’ll Feel The Same But Boy Was Oh This Movie Is Real Awesome. 

Thanks For Reading This Article. 


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