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Apple Iphone 13 And Iphone 13 Mini – Leaks

We’ve Got Plenty More News For The Apple Iphone 13 And Iphone 13 Mini. It May Not Be Quite What We Expected.

We’ve Got Incredible News About The Whole Of The Apple Iphone 13 Range All The Way From Specs To Features. Also We’ve Got News Of A Naming Change To The Whole Of The Apple Iphone 13 Range.

Apple Iphone 13 And Iphone 13 Mini
Apple Iphone 13

So The First Story Is That The Iphone 13 May Not Actually Be Called The Apple Iphone 13 At All. A New Report From Mark German Of Bloomberg Has Stated That Apple Engineers Are Considering The Next Iphone To Be An S Upgrade And Not The Apple Iphone 13

It’s Speculated That There Might Not Ever Be An Apple Iphone 13 Due To Superstition And 13 Being An Unlucky Number For Many. 

Now The Reason They’re Saying It May Be Called The Apple Iphone 12s, Is Due To Minor Upgrades Only And Not A New Device With Many Differences From The Predecessor. 

Now Although They’re Calling The Minor Upgrades I Personally Think That They Are Quite Significant Upgrades In Terms Of Hardware And The Features. But There’s Only Going To Be Minor Changes To The Overall Design Such As A Smaller Notch And A Better Display To Save Confusion. 

However We’re Still Going To Be Referring To This As The Apple Iphone 13 Until There Is Some More Solid Info. 

Touch ID 

About Touch ID, For The Apple Iphone 13 There Are More And More Sources Coming Forward To Co-operate This. 

I’m Being Told That There Are Already Prototypes Out There With Touch Id Being Used In The Form Of An Under Display Sensor And In Mark German’s Report. 

He Again Backs This Up Saying That Apple Is Testing An In-screen Fingerprint Reader For The Apple Iphone 13 And That It’s A Faster Unlock Method For Many People, Also Given The Amount Of Mass That Are Being Worn In Current Times. 

It’s Incredibly Useful To Have That Touch Id On Top Of It The Already Great Working Face Id While Apple Have Shied Away From It. In Recent Iphone Releases It Makes Sense To Bring It Back Now. 


We Also Had News Of A Smaller Notch Recently From Makota kara, We’ve Now Got Dizzy Times Weighing In On This Information Digi Times Have Stated That Apple’s New Face Id System Is Going To Be Seeing Some Design Changes To Reduce The Size Of That Notch. 

They State That The Ultra Wide Lens Is Going To Be Upgraded From 5p To 6p And That The New Design Integrates The Rx Tx And Flood Illuminators Into The Same Camera Module Similar To The Lidar Scanner And This Will Decrease The Amount Of Space Required. 

They’re Stating That It’s Not Actually Going To Reduce The Width Of The Notch And Only The Height. Now Personally I Would Prefer A Width Reduction Over Height, But Of Course They Can Only Do What Is Physically Possible With The Technology. 

To Be Honest Any Reduction Is Still Good News


We’ve Got News Of Improved Cameras Across The Whole Of The Apple Iphone 13 Series. The News Comes From Digi Times Who Have Given Us A Lot Of Information In Recent Times And They State That The Iphone 13s Will Have Sensor Shift Technology. 

We Previously Had Et News Provide The Same Information So It’s Looking More And More Likely The Sensor Shift Technology Is Currently Only Present In The Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max And As The Name Suggests It Stabilizes The Sensor Instead Of The Lens To Provide Greater Stabilization In Video And It Also Improves On Photo Quality. 

So While Many Are Classing These As Minor Upgrades I Personally Say Minor Cosmetically But Substantial In Terms Of Hardware. 

If It’s True We’re Getting A Better Notch And Improved Technology Inside That We Get Better Biometric Security Options Better Rear Cameras The Next Generation A15 And Of Course With All The Information We’ve Had In The Past. 


It Looks Like We’re Also Getting A 120 Hertz Display On At Least The Apple Iphone 13 Pro Models These Are The Kind Of Upgrades That I Wanted To See On The Apple Iphone 12 So I’m Personally Very Excited For The Apple Iphone 13 Or Apple Iphone 12s, As It May Be Called. 

So Although We’ve Plenty Of Information To Come Through It Is Important To Remember That The Iphone Still Hasn’t Been Finalized So Anything Can Change As We Approach Launch.


Iphone 13 Mini


Apple Iphone 13 Mini Is Expected To Be A 5.4 Inch Iphone With An Oled Super Retina Display It’s Expected To Have A Resolution Of 2340×1080 And This Is Going To Give Us 465 Pixels Per Inch. It’s Very Unlikely For High Refresh Rates On The Lower Models To Expect A 60 Hertz Display. 

But We Should Be Seeing This Shorter Notch With Apple Continuing To Prove That Huge Amounts Of Ram Are Just Not Required. It Should Be Equipped With Four Gigs Of Ram And A Choice Of 64 128 Or 256 Storage. 

We’re Expecting Another Aluminium Frame To Reduce The Cost Although Again The Body Should Be Looking Similar To That Of The Pros. 


The Apple Iphone 13 Mini Is Going To Come With Dual Cameras On The Rear Consisting Of A 12 Megapixel Wide Angle And A 12 Megapixel Ultra Wide And It Will Of Course Ship With Ios 15. For Those That Want The Four Gigs Of Ram With 64 Gigs Of Storage. 


It’s Likely Gonna Launch At A Price Of Around 700 Dollars For 128 Gigs.It Should Be Around 750 And For The 256 Gigs It Should Be Around 850 Dollars. 

Apple Iphone 13


The Apple Iphone 13 Is Gonna Have A 6.1 Inch Oled Display With A Resolution Of 2532×1170 And This Gives Us 460 Pixels Per Inch. Again We Only Expect This Model To Be Having A 60Hz Display And No LTPO Technology. But Again It May Have A Smaller Notch. 

We Expect 4 Gigs Of Ram Along With The Choice Of 64 128 Or 256 Storage And The Phone Should Have An Aluminium Frame .


Apple Iphone 13 Camera Is Expected To Be A 12 Megapixel Wide Angle And A 12 Megapixel Ultra Wide Giving Us Another Dual Camera Setup And The Phone Is Going To Ship With Ios 15.


Apple Iphone 13 Specs
Apple Iphone 13 Pro


For The 64 Gig Model We’re Expecting Around 800 Dollars If You Want 128 Gigs It Should Be Around 850 For The 256 Gig Version It Should Be Around 950 Dollars. 

Apple Iphone 13 Pro Specs

Here’s Where Things Are Going To Change A Little Bit Although We Are Expecting A Similar Looking Device. 


The Apple Iphone 13 Pro Is Expected To Come With A 6.1 Inch Oled Display With A Resolution Of 1170 By 2532 And This Gives Us 460 Pixels Per Inch Not Only Is It Going To Be Brighter But It’s Also Going To Be Using Ltpo Technology And Provide Us With A 120 Hertz Variable Refresh Rate At A Full Resolution. 


We’re Not Expecting Any Increase Of Ram As The A15 Is Going To Be More Than Capable So Expect 6 Gigs Of Ram With A Choice Of 128 256 512 And Maybe Even A Huge 1 Terabytes Of Storage.Because This Is The More Premium Model We Also Expect Another Still Frame. 


On The Iphone 13 Pro We Should Be Getting A Quad Camera Setup This Is Going To Be A 12 Megapixel Wide Angle A 12 Megapixel Ultra Wide A 12 Megapixel Telephoto And A Lidar Sensor The Phone Will Of Course Ship With Ios 15




When It Comes To Pricing We Do Expect Some Small Price Increases With This New Display Technology So We’re Estimating That 128 Gigs Maybe Around 1050 Dollars For 256. 

It Could Be Around 1150 For 512GB It Could Be 1350 And If The One Terabyte Happens Then We Could Expect A Whopping 1550 Dollars. 

Apple Iphone 13 Pro Specs
Apple Iphone 13 Pro Specs


Finally, Of Course With So Many Leaks Floating Around Things Won’t Be Clear Until We Get Closer To Launch And Prototypes Are Made And Hopefully Leaked As Always Though If Anything Surfaces, I’m Going To Be Sharing It With You Guys Straight Away.

Thanks For Reading This Article. 

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