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Apple Iphone SE Plus Leaks And Rumours

Today We’re Here To Give You The Truth About The Upcoming Apple Iphone SE Plus. So The Iphone SE Proved Very Popular Last Year And Then Things Went A Little Quiet On The Apple Iphone SE Plus Or The Apple Iphone SE 3 As Many Are Calling It.

Apple Iphone SE Plus
Apple Iphone SE Plus

Today We’re Going To Run Through All Of The Details Including Price And Specs As Well As When We Can Expect To See The Latest Budget Offering From Apple. 


Firstly We’re Going To Cover The Release Date Of The Iphone Se Plus With Its Predecessor Launching In April 2020 Many Just Assumed That The Iphone Se Plus Would Arrive In April 21.

Now Maka Taka Has Stated That We Would See The Apple Iphone Se Plus In April 21 Also But Let’s Face It Mako Takara Say A Lot And Not All Of It Turns Out To Be True Way Back In April Last Year.

Ming Chi Kuo Advised Us Of An Apple Iphone SE Plus After It Was Discovered In IOS 14 Code The Advice Then That It’s Released Will Likely Be Delayed To The Second Half Of 21. He Also Advised At That Time That Apple’s Timelines Had Changed And He Was Very Right When We Saw The Apple Iphone 12 Released A Month Later Than Expected.

He Recently Released An Investors Note Focusing On Genius Electronic Optical And He Stated In That That While We Were Expecting Apple To Rely On The Apple Iphone SE 3 For The First Half Sales Of 2021. Ming Chi Kuo Stated That We Shouldn’t Expect Such An Announcement And While It Does Make Sense For Them To Release In April 21. 

The Leakers And The Analysts Suggest Otherwise Which Is All Pointing To A Release In The Second Half Of 21.

We Also Had Display Analyst Ross Young Saying There’s Going To Be A Two Year Gap Between The Releases And Then We Also Had Barclays Analyst Saying That They Haven’t Seen Any Signs Of The Apple Iphone Se Plus So Not To Expect It In The Foreseeable Future. 

So To Be Honest There’s So Much Conflicting Information In These Leaks That It’s Hard To Pick Through Them We Can Only Hope That Ming Chi Kuo Is Correct And We Will See It In Autumn This Year. 

But If There Is To Be A Two-year Gap Between Releases Then I Think They Would Have To Increase The Specs Just A Little In Order To Make It Competitive If It Does Come This Year Though The Apple Iphone SE Plus Will No Doubt Adopt The Same Strategy As The Se Last Year So Although It’s Coming Later. 


We’ll Still Be Getting The A13 Bionic Instead Of The A14 But The Main Differences Are Going To Be A Larger Smartphone With A Dual Camera Setup. Apparently, They’re Also Aiming For A Similar Cost Meaning Those That Want The Apple Iphone Se Plus Should Be Looking At Around 400 Which For A Phone With The A13 Chipset Is A Bargain. 

They Haven’t Moved Far From This Price Point Yet So We Think This Is Very Likely But At The Same Time If They Are Releasing It Much Closer To The Apple Iphone 13 Then They Would Just Be Adding Competition To The 13 And The 13 Mini. 

Apple Fans Of Course Only Have One Choice When It Comes To A Phone If They Want Ios And That Is An Apple Iphone So A Staggered Release Would Seem Much More Beneficial To Apple In Order To Get Plenty Of Sales Across Devices. 

Now Personally I’m Hoping That We Do See An Apple Iphone SE Plus That Resembles Many Specs Of The Apple Iphone 8 And I Hope We See It Soon For Those That Just Don’t Want To Shell Out A Lot Of Money For An Apple IPhone.

Then It’s Got A Great Place In The Market. So, For Those Interested In The Apple Iphone SE Plus Or Apple Iphone SE 3.

When It Comes To The Iphone SE Plus 2021, What We Essentially Have Is An Apple Iphone 8 Plus But With Some Improved Specification To Make It A Suitable Device For Next Year. 


We Get A Five And A Half Inch Display With A Resolution Of 1080 By 1920. Now This Isn’t Going To Be An Amoled Display, But Just A Normal LCD To Save Costs We Get A 16×9 Aspect Ratio And 401 Pixels Per Inch And The Display Is Of Course Protected By Gorilla Glass. 

We Get The More Traditional Iphone Look For The Apple Iphone SE Plus With Some Big Bezels All Round And A Physical Home Button Which Sports Touch ID When I Say Physical Button Though It’s A Home Pad That As With The 8 Uses Apple’s Taptic Engine. 

To Create The Feeling Of A Click When Pressed But It’s Not A Physical Button. 


When It Comes To The Rear, We’re Getting A Dual Camera Setup On The Apple Iphone Se Plus. We’re Reportedly Getting A 12 Megapixel Wide Angle Along With A 12 Megapixel Telephoto For A Little Bit Of Optical Zoom. Thanks To The New Chipset The Camera Is Going To Be Capable Of 4k Videos At 60 Frames A Second. 


In Terms Of Hardware We Get The Apple A13 Bionic Which Even In 2021 Is Still A Powerful Chipset. It’s Coupled With Three Gigabytes Of Ram And Comes In A Choice Of 64 128 Or 256 Storage. It’s All Powered By A 2691 Milliamp Hour Battery With Support For 18 Watt Fast Charge As Well As Wireless Charging And It Will Be Ip68 Water Resistant. 

It’s Going To Have Bluetooth 5 Wi-fi 6 And The Color Choices Are Still Unknown At This Time And It Will Of Course Ship With Ios 14. 


When It Comes To Pricing This Is Something That May Change Over The Coming Months. But Analysts Are Predicting That The Reason For A Later Launch Is To Keep The Prices Down And In Line With The Apple Iphone 2020. 

We Saw This Year If This Is True We Can Expect The Apple Iphone Se Plus To Be Around 380 Pounds Or 350 Dollars Or Rs 36000, On Release Which Is An Incredible Bargain For A New Apple Iphone In 2021. 

Unfortunately That’s All The News I’ve Got For You Guys Today But As Soon As We Hear Anything On The Apple Iphone Se Plus I’ll Be Updating You Guys Straight Away.

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