Signal App- Safe? Download, Features, Review.

Is Signal App Safe? What Are Its Features? How To Download And Review. All I will Cover In This Article. 

A Messenger Service With A Focus On Privacy. There Are Lots Of Unique And Really Great Privacy Features In The App. It’s Also  Completely Open Source Which Means Anyone Can Have A Look At The Code And Really See If Signal Is As Secure As They Say It Is Signal Is Available Across Platforms.

Signal App- Safe? Download, Features, Review.
Signal App- Safe? Download, Features, Review.

Signal App Availability ?

If You Have An Iphone Or An Android Device Even A Windows Pc Or A Mac Computer Ipad As Well It’s Pretty Much Available On Everything. I Don’t Think It’s Available On Linux Yet But I Guess That’s Not A Big Issue For Most Of Us. So You Can Use It On Your Phone And Send Messages Pretty Much To Anywhere.

Signal App Download And Install ?

You Can Download Signal App From Stores Like Google Play,App Store. You Can Also Download Signal App From Google.Just Search Download Signal App.

Signal App Setup ? 

Ist Step : First Open Signal App, You Just Have To Essentially Agree To The Privacy Policy, Just Press Continue Button And Then You Have To Enable All The Permissions On The Phone Allow Them To Access Your Contacts. You Don’t Actually Have To Do That You Can Press Don’t Allow And Still Go Through.

But Of Course You Have To Enable Notifications As Well So Just Go Through And Choose Them Whatever You Want To Allow Or Not Allow Is Up To You.

2nd Step : Add Phone Number.

It Doesn’t Actually Have To Be Your Phone Number It Can Be Somebody Else’s.But You Do Need Access To The Phone Because They Will Send You A Message With A Code Inside That You Have To Input To Confirm That You Received The Message.

3rd Step : Add Name.

The Next Page Is Just Setting Up Your Account You Have To Put A First Name In There It Can Be Your First Name Or Pretty Much Anything. It Doesn’t Actually Have To Be Your Name Then We Can Go Through And Press The Avatar Button And You Can Just Take A Photo Or Choose One From Your Album Whatever You Want To Put In There Put That In There As Your Avatar Then. Signal app features

4th Step : Create A Pin ( Unique Feature)

Come To Creating A Pin Which Is Quite Unique In Signal App Feature. They Won’t Ask You To Input This Every Time When You Open The App. It Kind Of Asks You Every Now And Again And It Will Ask You Less Frequently The More That You Use The App But It’s Quite A Good Security Feature.

Home Page Of Signal

Let’s Go Into The Settings Because Signal Has A Lot Of Privacy Settings. This is Really What Makes It Stand Out Just Go Through All The Settings Setup According To Your Security.

Signal App Privacy?

Go Down To Privacy In Settings Of Signal App Which Is Obviously The Main Feature Of Signal App Some Of The Main Things You Might Want To Look At Here Is Read Receipts, So Do You Want Receipts Turned On Or Off. Signal app safe

Typing Indicators Is Also Something Really Good That You Can See So People Can See If You’re Typing And Vice Versa. As You Go Down You Can Go To Registration Lock As Well And For Extra Security You Can Turn It On This Means That If You Delete Signal And Reinstall It Or Put It Onto A Different Phone It Will Ask You For That Password. Signal app safe

Screen Security Is Also Quite Good In Signal So You Can Actually Enable It So That If You Are Switching Through Screens Your Chats Won’t Be Visible. I Think That’s A Really Good Security Feature So No One Can Like See What Your Chat Actually Contains If You’re Not Specifically In The Signal App.

Touch Id Or Face Id Feature ?

If You’re On The Iphone And Android, You Can Use Touch Id Or Face Id To Actually Get Into Signal So You Can Turn That On Or Off As Well All Of The Other Options .In Settings They’re Really The Most Important Ones To Get You Up And Running And Setting It Up Right. 


How To Start Chat ?

Start Your First Chat By Press On The Pencil Icon Of Sinal App Right At Buttom And It’s Going To Come Up With Searching For A New Name So You Can Either Find By A Phone Number Or If They Have A Name In Signal That You Know Already .

You Can Find By Number Or Name In Search Panel At The Top If The Person Is On Signal App You Can Start Your Chat By Clicking On His Name Or Number. If Not In Your Contacts You Can Add And Give A Name To That Contact So You Can Add Them To The Contacts That You Have In Your Phone You Can Set That Up How You Want.

Now Just Send A Message Like Hello Hi Whatever, You Will See Depending On Tick✅ Single Tick ✅ Indicate That Message Is Delivered But Not Read Yet. When There Is Double Tick ✅ That Means Message Was Read By Person. signal app review

How To Send Voice Messages ?

You Can Also Record Voice Messages Just Press The Microphone 🎤 Icon And Hold It Down It Will Then Record And Then You Can Just Slide To Cancel That Message Or You Can Just Hold It Down Once Record For A Few Seconds Let Go And Then That Will Be In There For Voice Messages.

Use The Camera Icon To Send Images Also You Can Just Take An Image With The Middle Button And Then Send That If You Want. There’s Also Some Good Options At The Top Of Image While Sending, You Can Add Maybe Some Writing If You Want To Write On The Image And You Can Undo That Like That Or That You Can Add Text As Well.

You Can Also Crop The Image Really Easily As Well So There’s Some Good Options In There Really A Lot Like Whatsapp And Other Messaging Apps.

How To React To Messages ?

You Can Also React To Messages As Well So If You Just Press And Hold Any Of The Message Boxes Emojis Will Come Up And You Can See All Of Them Here You Can Just React To One By Pressing It And Then The Other Person Will See Your Reaction.

If You Want To Reply Specifically To One Message So If They Sent You A Message Box That You Want To Reply To You Can Also Hold This Down Down At The Bottom There Are A Few Options Just Press The Back Button You Will Replying To That Message So That Message Will Be Quoted And Then You Can Type In Whatever Your Reply Is.

For Forwading, Hold The Message Again You Can Press The Forward Button Which Is Forwarding On So You Can Now Forward That Specific Message To A Load Of Different Contacts If You Have Them If We Press It Once More You Can Also Go Through And Delete That Message.

Signal App Review ? 

Signal App Is Just Like WhatsApp App But Signal App Is Safe And It Has More Privacy Than Whatsapp Rest Everything Is Same. Drawback Of Signal App Is That There Is No Status Like Feature That You Get On Whatsapp. signal app review

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